Our services


  • Study and preparation of hyperbaric work procedures, based on the site and customer needs;
  • Study and preparation of hyperbaric safety procedures, hyperbaric accidents, hyperbaric abandonment and evacuation from the site;
  • Study and preparation of decompression tables in line with the needs of the construction site;
  • Hyperbaric work planning, drafting of operational plans and timing.
  • Preparation and management of hyperbaric systems on the excavation face and (possibly) on site.


  • Medical examinations of personnel with release of certification of suitability for hyperbaric work in TBM;
  • 24h medical availability.

PERSONNEL SUPPLY (all our staff is made up of professionals with an IMCA patent and in possession of international certification):

  • Offshore Hyperbaric Doctors;
  • Hyperbaric Technicians (ALST – LST – LSS);
  • High and/or shallow water supervisors;
  • Deep and/or shallow water divers;
  • Diving technicians (mechanical and electrical);
  • ROV pilots;
  • Diving expert;
  • Diving client
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