A small introduction…

Hyperbaric Work Services

Hyperbaric Work Services S.r.l. was born from the idea of ​​a group of motivated professionals who put their passion and enthusiasm first, in order to achieve high standards of quality and safety in the field of all activities related to hyperbarism, in particular commercial diving, Tunneling industry and hyperbaric therapies in the clinical field and for the development of clinical and working research.

Our staff…

Experts at your service

The Company is made up of a staff of specialists with decades of experience in the field of Hyperbaric Medicine, Commercial Diving and in the field of Tunneling (TBM) applied to large infrastructural works.

The various professional figures work together constantly, interface all their skills, carrying out a job of high responsibility and public interest.

Hyperbarism and tunneling

Our skills…

The skills of the staff that make up Hyperbaric Work Services, cover the different aspects of HYPERBARISM which ranges in various capacities, from deep and shallow underwater works both inshore and offshore, to oil extraction and more generally in the energy field; in hyperbaric medicine, both as a therapeutic form and in the treatment of emergencies, and in the field of large civil works, more specifically in Tunneling, where hyperbarism is applied to excavation machines (TBM).

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